Our Basic Gear

Sup y'all! I wanted to take some time to start my blog and to share the gear that I use on a regular basis. The kit I have developed so far has taken time, trials, and errors (and $$$). However, I think I am at a point now that I am satisfied with the gear that I have...until something new comes out (here's looking at you 5d MkIV).

Seriously though, this is what works for me. Some prefer Nikon over Canon or even Sony...Olympus...Pentax. The list goes on, so take some time to try different gear and fall into the setup you love. Gear can always be sold and resold. Buying and selling used is a great way to save some money and try things out without losing too much cashola along the way. 

I know there are fellow photographers with GAS (gear acquisition syndrome) out there. I could probably spend days on shotkit.com so I know you like to just look at other peoples kits...this post is for you! It is also for those in the early stages of building their own photography kit. I intend on posting my basic kit and at least a few comments about each piece.

Canon 5D Mark III - I can't say much about this camera that hasn't already been said by the multiple reviews that are out there. Check them out! What I can say is that I love this camera. I upgraded from a 5D Mark II and am glad I did. The focusing system on this camera beats the Mark II by far. Because I don't do video (yet) I don't honestly notice too much difference otherwise. 

Canon 16-35 - This is my landscape, walkaround, I'm on vacation lens. I love walking around with this attached to the 5D although it is a bit heavy. This has been fantastic for astrophotography as well. 

Canon 24-105 - A fantastic general purpose lens. It is a bit of overkill with the other lenses I have now but I think I will keep it because it is just so versatile. 

Sigma 50 - My newest lens, this thing rocks for portraiture. The opinions are divided on what prime focal length is best for portraiture (35mm, 50mm, 85mm), but this works for me. 

Canon 100 - Macro is fun. I enjoy getting out and taking pictures of things with this lens because it provides perspectives that we do not normally see. Some say this doubles as a great portrait lens. I haven't tried yet but may soon!

Canon 70-200 - If I were to only have one lens, I would be torn between the 24-105 and this lens but would probably pick this lens. It does everything perfectly when I need it to. Although, notice that mine doesn't have image stabilization whereas my 24-105 does. I just have to make sure my shutter speed is where it needs to be to get sharp pictures. No issues with that so far. 

Yongnuo Flash/Light Meter - Lighting is arguably more important than any other aspect of photography. I have three of these fantastic flashes to be able to control light when I need to. Paired with the transmitter, they work completely remotely and I have a slew of light modifiers (see GAS above) to try to make the light do what I want. 

Colorchecker Passport - Color is also important. I enjoy the aesthetics of #instafilters. However, color accuracy is important for many reasons. One of those reasons is because I also enjoy photographs without filters. I recommend a good screen calibrator and system like the colorchecker to make sure what you print is what you get. 



Feel free to contact me with any questions about the gear and my experiences with it. Again if you are building a kit try different things and you will find the configuration that works for you!